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Boris Gibé

Anatomy of Desire

An unclassifiable object, presented in a large anatomical Panopticum, “Anatomy of Desire” invites us to capture the invisible forces that drive our desire, through a sensory journey that begins with a culinary experience in total darkness. Through “Being” beyond genres, in a body without inside or outside, a limitless cosmic body, this subversive performance concocted by Boris Gibé, dissects the layers of our unconscious from the microcosm to the macrocosm.

The show will start with a culinary experiment. If you are allergic to any fruits or nuts, please inform us by e-mail at, indicating which day of the show you will attend.

Since Boris Gibé created Les Choses de Rien in 2004, the company has developed a unique choreographic and artistic style applied to contemporary circus. The company’s previous creations include: “Installation Tripode” (2005); “Le Phare” (2006); “Bull” (2008); “Les Fuyantes” (2011) and others. The choreographic language of the company pushes the body to its breaking point, resulting in raw poetry in motion. B. Gibé’s research focuses on a meta perception of the world contained in closed spaces and existentialist cinematographic universes that raise questions about humanity. His works play with the audience’s visual, sensory, and emotional perceptions and offer a fresh perspective on the breakdown of points of reference.

The presentation of the performance at ConTempo Festival is supported by the French Institute, Convention Institut Français - Région Hauts de France, and French Institute in Lithuania.
Recommended age: all audience from 14 years old (15 years old for school groups).
ATTENTION: Please consider your participation if you have claustrophobia or sensitivity to flashing lights (stroboscope used in performance).
Duration: 1 hr 30 min
  • Design, scenography, production, performer
    Boris Gibé
  • Manipulation
    Marion Boire
  • Kitchen
    Julien Lechevin
  • Technician
    Olivier Pfeiffer
  • Outside view / dramatist
    Elsa Dourdet
  • Choreography
    Aragorn Boulanger
  • Dramaturgy
    Taïcyr Fadel
  • Sound design
    Olivier Pfeiffer
  • Lighting
    Victor Egéa
  • Realization of anatomical accessories
    Audrey Veyrac
  • Special spatial effects
    Arnaud Paquotte
  • Technical design and construction
    Florian Wenger
  • Conception technique du gradin anatomique
    Clara Gay-Bellile & Charles Bédin
  • Construction gradin anatomique
    Quentin Alart, Adrien Alessandrini, Armand Barbet, Ericas Capuano, Thomas Chassagny, Clément Delage, Daniel Ferreira, Baptiste Lachuga, Laurent Mulowsky
  • Trainees
    Ilona Dinis, Lena Bedel, Martina Monnichi
  • Music
    excerpts from Richard Wagner's opera “Tristan and Isolde”
  • Singing
    excerpt from “Solveig” (play “Peer Gynt”) by Edvard Grieg; “Cum Dederit” (from “Nisi Dominus RV 608”) by Antonio Lucio Vivaldi; “Mild und Leise” (from “Tristan and Isolde”) by Richard Wagner.
  • Texts
    excerpts from Ghérasim Luca's book "L'inventeur de l'amour" and Isaac Newton's letter to his contemporaries "De la nature des choses (De rerum natura) - Lucrèce"