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Be Company

Guided dance tour “I’m Going to Buy Some Milk”

What can happen when buying milk in Eiguliai? Contemporary dance artists Greta Grinevičiutė, Agnietė Lisičkinaitė, and their creative team decided to take a look at an ordinary day in a seemingly ordinary neighborhood to discover what turns our lives into a fairy-tale. Or to pose a question: how do we create fairy tales in everyday life? 

After breaking out of the vicious circle of the city and only exploring the Eiguliai district, fairy-tale motifs and fictional characters became a natural tool to try to understand, tame, and capture the place. The archaic mystification of a foreign place also brought back childhood memories when the neighborhood was equivalent to the entire world. The fairy-tale also became important as a means of intergenerational communication, that is passing the old wisdom on to the young. In trying to create a fairy-tale of their own, the creative team realized that the motif of travel was not only appropriate but also inherent. So, this fairy-tale journey begins: “Once upon a time, a hipster from the city center moved to Eiguliai…”

The guided dance tour “I’m Going to Buy Some Milk” was first presented in 2021 in the Šeškinė district, Vilnius. Artists A. Lisičkinaitė and G. Grinevičiūtė, together with their creative team, in Eiguliai, decided not only to adapt the original version of the work but to apply it as much as possible to the history, architecture, and inhabitants of Eiguliai district. So if you saw the first version of it, it will be exclusively different this time!

The production of the performance is funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture. The creation was partly funded by the Arts Printing House and the Echo Echo Dance Theater (Ireland).
Duration: 60 min
  • Choreographers
    Greta Grinevičiūtė, Agnietė Lisičkinaitė
  • Creative team
    Paulius Markevičius, Giedrė Kirkilytė, Mantas Stabačinskas, Sigita Juraškaitė, Agnietė Lisičkinaitė, Greta Grinevičiūtė, Emilija Karosaitė, Gabrielė Bagdonaitė, Viktoras Fedorenko, Juozas Veiverys, Idalija Birietienė and Kaunas dance house seniors contemporary dance ensemble with Goda Laurinavičiūtė
  • Dramaturgy
    Sigita Ivaškaitė
  • Music
    Dominykas Digimas, Šeškinė ensemble “Auksinis ruduo”
  • Project management
    Domantė Tirylytė, Ieva Garlaitė
  • Producer
    “Be Company”