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Boris Gibé / Les Choses de Rien


“We don’t want to reveal everything that audiences will experience in the show – it is a poetic, spatial, visual and sensory big bang – but one thing is certain: in “L’asbolu”, you will see the work of a true artist, for whom circus, in its core essence, is a unique tool for existential exploration and filled with secret and deep heartbeats” – Le Monde.

“L’absolu” is a poetic jump into our psyche. A journey from immanence to transcendence, from the inside to the outside, from reality to imagination. It’s a show that puts emotions back in the center stage of our lives. The performance is primal and raw creativity rather than a show that will speak into our unconsciousness. With a graceful movement, the performer Boris Gibé touches the inner depths and embodies the constant struggle with ourselves, that is not lacking the tragedy, transformations, and the search for absoluteness. The essential part of the performance is a Silo tower, with spaces for the performance and the audience. The structure is made of a corrugated metal sheet; it is 9 meters in diameter and 12 meters high. As the performance creators state, “We wanted to create something new while staying true to our roots: give context to the devising of the show and create a space that would somehow remind audiences of a venue and give spectators a physical and sensory experience.” Therefore, moving in a silo-shaped tower, the performer seems to dive into transcendence, creating a unique opportunity for the audience to follow the character’s fate from above.

Since Boris Gibé created Les Choses de Rien in 2004, the company has developed a unique choreographic and artistic style applied to contemporary circus. The company’s previous creations include: “Installation Tripode” (2005); “Le Phare” (2006); “Bull” (2008); “Les Fuyantes” (2011) and others. The choreographic language of the company pushes the body to its breaking point, resulting in raw poetry in motion. B. Gibé’s research focuses on a meta perception of the world contained in closed spaces and existentialist cinematographic universes that raise questions about humanity. His works play with the audience’s visual, sensory, and emotional perceptions and offer a fresh perspective on the breakdown of points of reference.

The presentation of the performance at ConTempo Festival is supported by the French Institute, Convention Institut Français - Région Hauts de France, and French Institute in Lithuania.
Recommended age: 12+
ATTENTION: Please consider your participation if you have claustrophobia or sensitivity to flashing lights (stroboscope used in performance)
Duration: 70 min
  • Author
    Boris Gibé
  • Performer
    Aimé Rauzier
  • Dramaturgy
    Elsa Dourdet
  • Choreography
    Samuel Lefeuvre, Florencia Demestri
  • Costumes and props
    Sandrine Rozier
  • Stage management
    Quentin Alart
  • Technical manager
    Florian Wenger
  • Set design
    Clara Gay-Bellile & Charles Bedin
  • Lighting design
    Romain de Lagarde
  • Sound design - technician
    Olivier Pfeiffer
  • The Silo, an adventure built collectively with
    Clara Gay-Bellile & Charles Bédin, Quentin Alart, Clément Delage, Florian Wenger, Jorn Roesing, Richard Rivers, Alain Frerot, Alexis Auffray, Armande Jammes, Bertrand Duval, Clara Charlie, Gael Richard, Gerard Naque, Ikram, John Carroll, Marinette Julien, Sarah Pecout, Suzanné Pechenart, Samuel Bodin, Tiziano Lavoratornovi, Ulysse Lacoste
  • Production
    Les Choses de Rien with support from Si par Hasard
  • Coproductions
    Boris Gibé is associated artist at 2 scenes̀ - scène nationale de Besançon; Cooperative De Rue et De Cirque - 2r2c - Paris; Théâtre Firmin Gémier - La Piscine - Pole National des Arts du Cirque d’Antony et de Chatenay - Malabry; Cirque Jules Verne - Pole National Cirque et Arts de la Rue - Amiens; Châteauvallon - scene nationale; Espace Jean Legendre – Scene nationale de l’Oise – Compiegne
  • With the support of
    Ministère de la Culture - DRAC Ile de France (conventionnement 2015-2017); Conseil Regional Ile de France; Fondation de la tour vagabonde; Lycée Eugene Guillaume de Montbard; SACD - Processus Cirque; L’atelier Arts- Sciences, partenariat entre L’Hexagone scène nationale de Meylan & le CEA de Grenoble; Ass. Beaumarchais - Bourse Auteur de Cirque, La Fondation de la Tour Vagabonde