Pieter Post


Spoken language: English
Free entrance
Duration: 30 min.

With his top hat and striped suit, storyteller Pieter Post watches his turtle move forward. From Kant to Schopenhauer, Baudelaire to Winnie the Poo, he digresses on the art of doing nothing. A delicate and light-hearted philosophy lesson for young and old.

With the new comic street theater production The Turtle – Doing Nothing is hard work, Pieter Post is pushing the boundaries. His research into the importance of laziness and boredom results in an original and hilarious performance, full of contradictions. 

To convey the importance of doing nothing, the show begins with a short and absurd introduction. These are 35 books, with knowledge and wisdom from various studies, characters from the world of literature and the latest knowledge from recent publications. 

The second part of the performance is an exercise in laziness. A real odyssey for the public and the turtle. The turtle moves with a crank. The music is playing. The public observes the turtle walking on a 7 meter long wooden plank; sometimes she runs, sometimes she walks and sometimes she does a little sprint. An epic and humorous journey with a touching start, bizarre stunts and a spectacular ending.

Oscar Wilde: “To do nothing at all is the hardest thing in the world. The hardest and the most intellectual”. 

Winnie de Pooh: “The value of doing nothing should not be underestimated. Go listen to all those things you can’t hear. It has value. And above all, don’t get upset when it doesn’t. ” 

Pieter Post began his life in the theatre, ended up in the circus, fled to the streets and continues to go back and forth between the two. He is a comic and physical entertainer who deceives audiences and parodies everything that can be categorised as theatre, varieté and circus.

Pieter Post is a theatre maker, director, writer, actor, master of ceremonies, events organiser and programmer.

  • Not accessible for people with reduced mobility and impaired hearing.
  • Whole performance is based on the story which is told in English. 
  • There is a little smoke machine at the beginning, a small firecracker in the middle of the show and a small fire hoop at the end (where the turtle will jump through!)
  • The event will be photographed and filmed.