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Pietro Marullo


A huge, black, plastic, inflatable pillow-like object moves across the stage like a predator hunting for prey. Dancers move around it as he swallows and spits out the human figures. A new reality is being created.

WRECK-List of extinct species” is an interdisciplinary performance mixing movement, sound, and visual art circling around the metaphor of a shipwreck. A huge soft black plastic sculpture, inflated with air, moves through the space. This abstract object has very evocative power. It´s a hunter, swallowing and spitting human beings. It could be considered an allegory of Leviathans or the old myths of deep-sea monsters. At the same time, it works as a metaphor for Capitalism and the human conditions within. The community on stage faces a massive catastrophe that will produce their own extinction. The performance creators aim to approach choreographic questions through a different art field and produce a new and original language. By inverting the relationship between the choir and its landscape, it is possible to write a partition for a soft sculpture. By manipulating this object, geometric forms appear that allows us a new way of investigating the presence of performers on stage. 

This work by the talented Italian choreographer Pietro Marullo was first presented in 2017. In the five years of its existence, it has been presented more than 40 times on the continents of Europe, Asia, and South America and has won numerous awards. This performance has also been rebuilt several times by performers from other countries and troupes. This time, the dance performance will be reborn in Lithuania, performed by students of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, majoring in contemporary dance.

free entrance
Duration: 50 min
  • Ideas and choreography
    Pietro Marullo/Insieme Irreali
  • Composer
    Jean Noël Boissé
  • Performers
    Emilija Karosaitė, Dominyka Markevičiūtė, Juozas Veiverys, Povilas Jurgaitis, Aleksandra Andrejauskaitė, Monika Čibiraitė, Gabija Misevičiūtė, Beatričė Mažintaitė, Urtė Šiniauskaitė, Indrė Stasiūnaitė, Aretas Piaseckas, Ugnė Lučiauskaitė
  • Organizer
    Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, Department of Dance and Movement
  • Producer
    “Without company”
  • The project is funded by
    Lithuanian Culture Council, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, “Erasmus+” program