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Vilma Pitrinaitė, Sarah Baltzinger

TRIBUNE // Dance Your Self!

“It’s not your dream” | Vilma Pitrinaitė (Lithuania)

“It’s not your dream” is a contemporary dance performance that conceptually and musically analyzes the rebellion process, the characteristics and conditions against whom and why rebellion takes place.

This performance emerged in self-isolation while experimenting with movement, sound looping station, and textual contents that vary between rap, the flow of free associations, vocal interjections, and political slogans. By proposing unexpected interpretations of the rebel figure, it generates and shares the positive and creative energy that lies in the dynamics of opposition and resistance. From a ritual perspective, the performer is looking for a state, where her rebellious demonesses or goddesses are acting against the social organisation in place, the normality, and the ritual itself – against resignation or helplessness, empowering and uniting those who are participating.

Vilma Pitrinaitė studied choreography at CDC de Toulouse, Ex.e.r.ce CCN de Montpellier and directing at the School of National Theater of Strasbourg. As a dancer and actress, she collaborated with companies such as: “La Zampa,” “Autremina,” “François Verret,” “Vincent Thomasset” and others. Her first solo work, “Miss Lithuania,” won a ticket to the “Aerowaves Spring Forward’15” festival and was nominated for the Best Performance of the Season at the “Confluences” Theater in Paris. V. Pitrinaitė also created group pieces for two Lithuanian dance companies: Aura and Šeiko. Her project “Somaholidays”, created together with Mantas Stabačinskas and Darius Algis Stankevičius, was included in the programme of Culture Festival 2019 in Tel Aviv, nominated for the “Golden Stage Cross”, won the “Fortune” Diploma, and was presented as a dance film in the Film Programme of the New Baltic Dance Festival. In 2021, V. Pitrinaitė for the performance “It’s not your dream” won the highest Lithuanian theater award – “Golden Stage Cross” in the Dancer of the Year category.

“What Does Not Belong To Us” | Sarah Baltzinger (Luxemburg)

The piece explores the idea of what does not belong to us. By marrying energies and fluids that can contradict each other, we are faced with the drawing and sculpting of our emotions, like a metaphor. It is a question of what remains, in spite of ourselves, as a legacy. Like a descent, this frenetic dance is lived like a prayer to make the silence inside ourselves. Here, to lose oneself, to disconnect, to take the risk, to discover oneself under a new dimension.

Sarah Baltzinger is a choreographic artist based in the Greater Region and in Luxembourg.

Interpreter, choreographer and performer, she thinks of art as a powerful, unusual and unlimited object of knowledge and discovery, of risk and beauty. A committed artist, she is also the initiator of the SB Company, a choreographic structure that draws its strength from the partners who make it up and make it live. Choreographers, dancers, musicians, technicians, video artists, developers, photographers and administrators, the latter invites many national and international talents to come and explore, develop and bring the works to life.

Project “TRIBUNE // Dance Your Self!“ is developed in partnership with “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022” and “Esch-sur-Alzette European Capital of Culture 2022”. Partners TROIS C-L Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Lithuanian Dance Information Centre, Kaunas Cultural Center, “Kultūros platforma”.

Lithuania, Luxembourg
“TRIBUNE // Dance Your Self!” is a project that unites two European capitals of culture - Kaunas and Esch - and its dance artists. This evening will be presented artworks by Vilma Pitrinaitė (Lithuania / Belgium) & Sarah Baltzinger (Luxemburg).
Free entrance.
Duration: 65 min
  • “It’s not your dream” By and with:
    Vilma Pitrinaitė
  • “It’s not your dream” Choreographic assistant:
    Mantas Stabačinskas
  • “It’s not your dream” Music:
    “Jesus works until 3” and Vilma Pitrinaitė
  • “It’s not your dream” Assistants for sound design:
    Dainius Giedra, Arūnas Periokas
  • “It’s not your dream” Video:
    Zoltan Molnar
  • “It’s not your dream” Costumes:
    Vilma Pitrinaitė
  • “It’s not your dream” Exterieur eye:
    Rasa Alksnytė
  • “It’s not your dream” Coproduction:
    Lithuanian Council for Culture and National Choreographic Center of Wallonia-Brussels Charleroi danse
  • “It’s not your dream” Support:
    Garage29, Brussels, Cultural Center Jacques Franck, Brussels, PDSW Pavilion Dance South West, UK, Lithuanian Dance Association, Kaunas Chamber Theater, Kaunas Artist House
  • “What Does Not Belong To Us” Choreography, design and implementation:
    Sarah Baltzinger
  • “What Does Not Belong To Us” Interpretation:
    Brian Ca and Nick Liestal
  • “What Does Not Belong To Us” Musical composition:
    Guillaume Jullien
  • “What Does Not Belong To Us” Patrons:
    PEEPING TOM Company (BE) Gabriela Carrizo & Franck Chartier
  • “What Does Not Belong To Us” Research residency:
    Grand Théâtre du Luxembourg # TALENT LAB 2018
  • “What Does Not Belong To Us” Delegated production:
    Les Théâtres de la Ville du Luxembourg, Cité Musicale-Metz
  • “What Does Not Belong To Us” Co-direction:
    Compagnie Mirage & asbl SB Company