SCREWS | Alexander Vantournhout
SCREWS | Alexander Vantournhout

ConTempo is the largest international performing arts festival in central Lithuania which attracts spectators from all over Lithuania and beyond.

Since 2019, in five years the festival has won the trust of both foreign and Lithuanian creators as well as the public and has steadily established itself in the list of the main events of the city and district of Kaunas.

ConTempo’s mission: to challenge performing arts, the city and the spectator.
Open, public and non-traditional spaces of Kaunas city and Kaunas district usually become the stage for the festival events. The variety of locations is determined by such factors as the lack of professional indoor spaces for performing arts in Kaunas, the diversity of performing arts disciplines as they cross clear genre boundaries, intertwining with each other, and the flexibility of the works themselves, their ability to adapt to different spaces – then the work itself “sounds” differently and opens up even more meanings and possibilities for the work itself. Not only open spaces, but also the fact that part of the festival program is presented free of charge, makes it accessible for a wider and more diverse audience to participate in performing arts events. This event does not aim to please the audience, on the contrary, it presents a professional, bold, conceptual program that responds to the current affairs of the country, the city, thus aiming to provoke, promote the development of the performing arts field, awaken critical thinking and inspire dialogues in various directions and topics – artistic, social, political, etc. 
By implementing part of the program in Kaunas district, the festival undoubtedly contributes to the accessibility of culture, increasing the diversity of quality cultural life, develops new models of cooperation, and clearly contributes to the formation of more modern repertoires of peripheral cultural institutions.
The founder and artistic director of the festival is Gintarė Masteikaitė
The producer of the festival is Klaudija Aleksandravičiūtė
Organizer: VšĮ “Kultūros platforma”

This year the festival will be held from August 5 to 11.


Our vision. Become the biggest alternative performing arts festival in Baltic region. Create exceptional experiences for our audiences. Collaborate with the most influential artists of our time. And give a platform for local artists to experiment and grow.

Our mission. Challenge performing art, city and audience.