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Returning to the festival!

“In times like these, escape is the only way to stay alive and continue dreaming.” (Henri Laborit – “Praise of flight”)

The internationally acclaimed street performance “Fugit” is a suggestive and evocative performance on the topic of migration, where escape is not only an attempt at running away but a means of resisting. It is a tribute to those who want to survive, striving for a better world and, as a result, are determined to sacrifice everything they have, know, and leave the familiar behind. And a story about those who will be leaving and who have played a crucial role in assisting them. This show is far more than a simple staged escape; it is a theatrical piece that aims at waking up a sensation of solidarity, generosity, and coexistence. The viewers in this performance are not just passive observers; they become real actors in the place of the migrants. They are quietly led on a journey through the city’s private and public spaces that become the opportunity to hide or escape. So, will you dare to escape into the unknown, stop turning your head back, and leave your past for an uncertain future? You will have to choose it too.

Kamchàtka is an artist collective of diverse nationalities and disciplines whose members first met in Barcelona in 2006. Driven by the same interests and concerns, under the artistic direction of Adrian Schvarzstein, they started training in group improvisation on the streets of Barcelona and researched the subject of immigration. In 2007 they performed their show “Kamchàtka” for the first time. After being critically acclaimed in the 2007 “FiraTàrrega” festival, it became an international success, performing more than 400 times in 27 different countries, winning the Grand Jury Prize for the best show in the “MiramirO” International Street Arts Festival in Gent in 2008. In an attempt to share its research work and unique theatrical language, the company has also developed “Migrar”, a workshop aimed at anyone interested in theatrical improvisation in public space and the topic of immigration. The company is currently working on diverse projects and site-specific adaptations of its shows while performing its repertoire in venues and festivals worldwide.


Recommended age: 7+
Important note: not suitable for people with impaired mobility. Highly recommended for the audience to come with comfortable walking shoes. If you have any questions or hesitations, please contact the organizers at
With the support of INAEM-Spanish Ministry of Culture and the Ramon Llull Institute.
Duration: 90 min
  • Concept, joint creation and performers
    Cristina Aguirre, Maïka Eggericx, Sergi Estebanell, Claudio Levati, Andrea Lorenzetti, Judit Ortiz, Lluís Petit, Josep Roca, Edu Rodilla, Santi Rovira, Gary Shochat, Prisca Villa, Amaya Mínguez, Jordi Solé
  • Stage manager
    Laurent Driss
  • Artistic direction
    “Kamchàtka” / Adrian Schvarzstein
  • Production
    “Kamchàtka” company assisted by Melando
  • Co-producers
    Pronomade(s) en Haute Garonne, Centre National des Arts de la Rue, Encausse les thermes, France, Derrière le Hublot - pôle des arts de la rue Capdenac / Midi-Pyrénées, France, Scènes de Rue - Mulhouse, France, FiraTàrrega, Catalonia, Spain
  • Many thanks to
    Ajuntament de Sant Adrià de Besòs, Cal Gras (Avinyó), Centre Civic Can Felipa, Barcelona