Gintarė Parulytė / National Theatre of Luxembourg


Lithuania, Luxembourg
One-woman play / Dramatic comedy

Spoken language: English
Recommended audience age 15+
Duration: 60 min

Ambition, auditions, education, womanhood, dating, sex, period, friendship, trauma, love addiction, co-dependence, obsessive-compulsive disorder, therapy, music …

“Lovefool” is a one-woman play about Grace, a young woman hungry for affection and looking for love in all the wrong places (and people), who is forced to discover what healthy (self-) love might look like.

In her riveting play, the Lithuanian-Luxembourgish playwright and director Gintarė Parulytė explores with vulnerability and humour the effects of toxic masculinity and the consequences of a life governed by gender expectations that are too confusing to grasp, let alone to enjoy. The play is about emotionally absent fathers, co-dependent mothers, and what unresolved traumas do to our ability to love and receive love as adults. But it’s also about hope for a better world and the celebration of self-awareness as a tool to heal and be able to lead a life filled with true love, self-respect, and purpose. “Lovefool” is unapologetically honest, hilarious, and heartbreaking at once.

 Gintarė Parulytė is a Lithuanian-born actress, author, theatre director, and filmmaker from Luxembourg. After having worked as an actress in both national and international theatre and film productions, she wrote and directed the films Is “That, Like, Your Real Job?”, “And He Said Yes!”, “Date Night”, co-wrote the film “You Kai” as well as co-directed the short documentary “Aftermath, Afterpath”. She recently launched the web series “Ladybits” and is in development of two TV series and two feature films. In terms of theatre, she wrote, directed, and starred in the autobiographical play “A Lithualien in the Land of Bananas” about her childhood as an immigrant and directed Guy Helminger’s play “Wie ein König”.

There will be the after-talk with the creative team held after the show.

  • Written and Directed by
    Gintarė Parulytė
  • Cast
    Kristin Winters
  • Costume Department
    Denise Schumann, Shania Louis, Yolande Schmit
  • Light design
    Daniel Sestak
  • Sound design
    David Gaspar
  • Video design
    Gintarė Parulytė
  • Assistant directors
    Elena Vozarikova/ Sandra Kilian-Zazulak
  • Support
    the Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg

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Accessible for people with reduced mobility.
Not accessible for people with impaired hearing.

There will be the after-talk with the creative team held after the show.

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