Theatre Stories

Performance-Hike BRŪZGYNŲ EILĖS

Spoken language: Lithuanian
Recommended age: the play is intended for children aged 7–14 years and families.
Duration: 80 min.

An interactive performance-hike for the whole family invites the audience to wander through the landscape of Kaunas and Kaunas District. During this aural journey, Lithuanian poets’ most beautiful poems about the beauty of the country’s landscape and its imaginative heroes will be performed for the fellow travellers. Wearing poet’s glasses and forest radio receivers, participants will experience the landscape’s diverse colours and the poetry that lies embedded in fragments of the natural world.
The performance-hike consists of 8 stops, during which participants experience and listen to 8 poems, enjoy scenic views and witness unusual art objects, each creating small miracles, with the most attentive participants seeing and experiencing even more.

The audience is accompanied along this poetic route by actor Artūras Dubaka. He combines the elements of the performance, giving the audience a seamless experience of a poetic journey, complemented by playful elements, interactive, immersive activities, knowledge about the language and secret life of trees, and even the Wood Wide Web.

During the performance-hike, artistic objects created by the artists will come to life on the nature trails, providing visualisations for the stories behind the poems and involving children in a magical world of invention and creativity.

We invite families to listen to the Wood Wide Web – to take a short break to experience how trees, crows, and frogs communicate with one another.

Performing arts organisation Teatro Istorijos has been producing unconventional object theatre, street theatre, and contemporary drama performances for children, young people, and adults for seven years. Teatro Istorijos collaborates with poets and puppeteers, directors who have received the country’s highest performing arts awards, stage designers, playwrights, artists, and choreographers. They are involved in several international co-productions as well.

Kristina Mauruševičiūtė – actress, director, creator of interdisciplinary performances. She graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre with a degree in acting (supervised by Vladas Bagdonas, Cezaris Graužinis). She has acted in plays by Eimuntas Nekrošius, Jūratė Trimakaitė, Saulė Degutytė, and others. Director of the innovative sound performances ‘Miestų Eilės’ (Urban Poetry) and ‘Brūzgynų Eilės’. Her performances have been selected and represented Lithuania in international theatre festivals. The performance ‘Brūzgynų Eilės’ was nominated for the Golden Stage Cross in the category of Best Performance for Children and Youth.

  • Author of the idea, director:
    Kristina Mauruševičiūtė
  • Playwright:
    Diana Gancevičiūtė
  • Composer:
    Jokūbas Tulaba
  • Set Designer:
    Lina Kynaitė
  • Actor:
    Artūras Dubaka
  • Illustrator:
    Žaneta Jasaitytė
  • Constructor:
    Audrius Bartninkas
  • Voice-overs by the actors:
    Ilona Kvietkutė, Julius Žalakevičius, Rasa Samuolytė, Eglė Mikulionytė, Vytautas Kontrimas, Rytis Saladžis, Paulius Čižinauskas, and Giedrius Savickas
  • Financed by:
    Lithuanian Council for Culture
  • The performance features poems by:
    Vainius Bakas, Dainius Gintalas, Daiva Čepauskaitė, A. A. Jonynas, Valdemaras Kukulas, Marcelijus Martinaitis, and Antanas Baranauskas

Tickets available on online and at ticket offices.

No discounts available.

  • Not accessible for people with reduced mobility or impaired hearing.
  • Wearing comfortable, closed-toed shoes is recommended. 
  • The event will be photographed and filmed.
  • Walking distance up to 2 km.