International Performing Arts Festival
Nuepiko dance company and Kaunas City Chamber Theatre

A Fair Distance

This performance is a part of the Young Producers Education Program run by Kaunas City Chamber Theater together with “Kaunas 2022” and the winner of the 2021 Youth Theater Festival “Starting Point”.
Free entrance.
Duration: 45 min

The connection and the gap, the attachment and the release, the approach, and the increasing distance are the dichotomies that accompany a person’s whole life. In the flow, in the running, in short-term communication, in empty conversations, in memories, in grief, in transatlantic flights, in longing and reconciliation, the distance between oneself and the other is constantly changing, constantly creating and re-creating human connection, exhausting and igniting hope. “A Fair Distance” is a moving dialogue between two bodies and personalities about what makes our entire social world rotate incessantly: immediacy and isolation, dependence and liberation, an all-encompassing duality in which distance is impossible without distance and distance is born in connection. The dance performance invites the audience into a space of self-reflection, without selling any answers, but raising the question of how to maintain a distance that creates and lets us grow rather than destroys us and our relationship in a time of intense social noise.

Arūnas Mozūraitis is a Lithuanian artist with vast international experience. From Lithuania, he moved to London in 2015, and after almost a year of studies at Trinity Laban, he decided to move to Sweden. He spent two years in a special Street Dance school, where he found a connection between his experiences in contemporary dance and his biggest passions in House Dance and Hip-Hop. When he returned to Lithuania in 2020, he joined Aura Dance Theatre and is currently working with Nuepiko dance company in Kaunas. His approach to dance is unique – he finds the beauty of movement while combining a few different dance styles and his interpretation of body lines, sound, and the movement itself. Adrian Carlo Bibiano was raised in Mexico, where he met the dance and is based in Lithuania, continuing his journey. Bibiano is currently a member of Nuepiko dance company, Lithuanian Contemporary Dance Association, and a facilitator at different spaces committed to helping students and sharing his knowledge with the community. He greatly values every one of his life experiences, which remind him to stay patient, kind, lighthearted, and not take life too seriously.

  • Dancers and choreographers
    Arūnas Mozūraitis and Adrian Carlo Bibiano
  • Composer
    Andrius Stakelė
  • Light designer
    Monika Šerstabojevaitė

Free entrance.

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