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La Contrebande

Bal Trap

It is a team game in which the rules are created here and now. The body here becomes like a toy flying in the air, and risk with humor becomes the game’s main principle.

“Bal Trap” is a live 30-minute game. “Bal Trap” involves six acrobats who gather on a playing field and decide to play with their surroundings. They often opt for the riskier option. “Bal Trap” is a game which rules are set up by the players. They revolve around propulsion, launching, and landing. Energetic acrobats use Korean and Hungarian teeterboards to create a show like no other, where bodies are thrown into the air like fireworks and propelled in the expected direction. “Bal Trap” is playing with danger. It is also about trusting the group and paying attention to others. “Bal Trap” is a united group of individuals with different personalities. “Bal Trap” is not about the competition; it’s about crossing the line together.

It all starts on a Friday evening in the Limousin countryside, where Simon Cheype, Antoine Cousty, and Hugo Moriceau come together around idées commons and grow together in the world of street entertainment, with the company Les Enfants Terribles. They continue their journey to Montpellier at the cirque Balthazar arts center to meet acrobats and new acolytes: Jacob Auzanneau, stuntman at the Pop Circus in Auch, and Florian Bessin, a young student in architecture from Savoie, eager for sensations. Together, they discover the Korean rocker and collective work and continue their journey at the national school of circus arts in Rosny sous Bois. They also continued their training at the National Center for Circus ARTS in Chalons en Champagne and the Higher School of Dramatic Art. Their company La Contrebande created several unique shows: “La coche cavale” (2012), “Egg hard and half soft” (2013), “Pic nic” (2014), “Bal Trap” (2015) and “Willy Wolf” (2018).

Free entrance.
The presentation of the performance at the ConTempo festival is supported by the French Institute.
Duration: 30 min
  • Acrobats
    Lluna Pi, Simon Cheype, Etienne Revenu, Hugo Moriceau, Jacob Auzanneau, Florian Bessin
  • Producers
    Chloé Bodin and Nina Couillerot
  • Production
  • Scenography
    Lara Manipoud ir Florian Bessin
  • Photography
    Christophe Raynaud de Lage
  • Supported by
    La Gare à Coulise