International Performing Arts Festival
Xirriquiteula Teatre


The presentation of the performance at ConTempo Festival is supported by Ramon Llull Institute.
Free entrance
Duration: 30 min

Giraffes in the city?! Savannah heat, genuine smiles, and African rhythms in the city! Take a short trip with the curious family of giraffes and rediscover Kaunas district with your eyes filled with playful joy.

If you notice a family of giraffes poetically wandering in the streets of Kaunas, don’t be scared but smile! A Xirriquiteula Teatre performance “Giraffes” is an elegant suggestion of another way of seeing and living in the city. Two giraffes and their youngster stroll through the town accompanied by a musician who playfully recreates a dreamlike, savannah atmosphere. Spectacular, visual, with no set script, these delightful denizens silently advance, communicating and connecting with the public they encounter or take by surprise. This performance suggests another way of seeing the city or any other space through this gentle giraffe family’s ingenious, curious gaze. A wordless show that’s the sheer height of entertainment – for the public of all ages.

Xirriquiteula Teatre was created in Barcelona in 1985. The company has followed an interesting trajectory in the theater domain for all audiences right from its creation. Over the years, it has become one of the Catalan and Spanish companies of reference in this field. The indoor theater shows include the already famous “Contes del cel” (2001), “Papirus” (2004), “A Tempo!” (2006). As for street theater, they have presented the remarkable “Water!”, “Nomadas” and “Giraffes” that, after the years, continue with great international success in the company’s repertoire. The company has received several awards for its original scenography, performances, and other artistic achievements and continues to actively participate in various festivals in Europe to Asia, America, and Africa.

  • Authors and artistic directors
    Iolanda Llansó and Daniel Carreras
  • Performers
    Claudia Abellan, Julian Jabon, Marc Costa
  • Musician
    Camilo Vernazza
  • Costumes
    Iolanda Llansó, El Talleret
  • Production
    Xirriquiteula Teatre

Free entrance

Past events

August 4 (Thursday) 12:00
August 4 (Thursday) 17:00
August 4 (Thursday) 20:30
August 5 (Friday) 14:00
August 5 (Friday) 17:00
August 5 (Friday) 20:00
August 6 (Saturday) 10:30
August 6 (Saturday) 13:00
August 6 (Saturday) 16:00
August 6 (Saturday) 19:00
August 7 (Sunday) 13:00
August 7 (Sunday) 16:00
August 7 (Sunday) 20:00