International Performing Arts Festival
Euripides Laskaridis

Kamares v.01 // The House of Ridicule & Transformation

Duration: 2 days

The playful and thoughtful events curated by renowned Greek artist Euripides Laskaridis will engage viewers in the experiences of transformations and challenging creativity.

Euripides Laskaridis moves at the borders of dance, theatre, performance, and the visual arts. His works, which are often strongly visual, can be read as an amalgam of genres and styles – humorous yet strangely poignant. At ConTempo Festival, Laskaridis and his team will inhabit Kaunas Artists’ House for two consecutive days and offer a mixed program of diverse artistic ventures. For two days the building will become the House of Ridicule & Transformation, occupied with a number of events and activities, immersing the visitors to the unique universe of the artist. A portrait and video exhibition, an inductive performance to the world of the team, a workshop for selected participants as well as a special project involving locals will function as a background to the challenging question of art-making in arduous times. Come by, have a drink, meet the team and discover their universe!


08/11 10:00–22:00 Self-portraits and video exhibition
08/11 10:30–12:30 Workshop “Ridicule and Transformation” (day 1)
08/11 14:00–17:00 Portrait-making session (day 1)
08/11 20:30–21:30 Stage presentation
08/12 10:00–21:00 Self-portraits and video exhibition
08/12 10:30–12:30 Workshop “Ridicule and Transformation” (day 2)
08/12 14:00–18:00 Portrait-making session (day 2)
08/12 21:30–22:00 Short documentary projection

Euripides Laskaridis studied acting in Athens and directing in New York. Performing since 1995 for such directors as Dimitris Papaioannou and Robert Wilson, he began directing his own work in the year 2000 for the stage and screen, and founded OSMOSIS in 2009. The company’s first travelling work, “Relic” (2015), has been played at more than thirty-five festivals and venues worldwide, including the Lyon Biennale de la Danse, Palais de Tokyo, the Barbican Pit, and the Public Theater in New York. International tour stops of his 2017 duet, “Titans”, include Théâtre de la Ville, Festival TransAmériques, Berlin’s Tanz im August, and the Hong Kong Arts Festival. In late 2019, his latest international co-production “Elenit” premièred at Onassis Stegi in Athens before setting off to tour the world, alongside “Relic” and “Titans”. In 2016, E. Laskaridis was awarded an inaugural Pina Bausch Fellowship.

  • Concept-curation
    Euripides Laskaridis
  • Performers
    Manos Kotsaris, Euripides Laskaridis and Dimitris Matsoukas
  • Costume designs
    Angelos Mentis
  • Music
    Giorgos Poulios
  • Assistant director
    Dimos Klimenof
  • Special constructions
    Konstantinos Chaldaios
  • Technical director
    Konstantinos Margas
  • Photographer
    Elina Giounanli
  • Production-tour manager
    Nikos Mavrakis - TooFarEast
  • A project by
    Euripides Laskaridis // Osmosis
  • Kūryba
    Euripides Laskaridis // Osmosis

Free entrance

Past events

August 11 (Thursday) 10:00 - 23:00
August 12 (Friday) 10:00 - 23:00