CirkusPerspektiv, Marie-Andrée Robitaille

Multiverse | A Hope-Punk Posthuman Circus Fabulation

Recommended audience age: 7+
Duration: 50 min.
August 11 (Sunday)
There will be after-talk with the artist held after the show.

What if the last human on Earth was a circus artist?
Experience a circus poem where the last Human on Earth plays with foil, lights, sounds, forms and motion. 

The crowd enters the room and are invited to comfortably sit in circle around a lone human. The human standing at the centre in an enigmatic bright circle of light, whistles old sea shanties, lullabies and folk songs. Full of sorrow, the solitary human remembers a vanished past and a lost humanity.  In a manner of overcoming boredom, our protagonist invents a new world; plays of lights, sounds and materials then begin. In particular, a thin gold and silver sheet of foil will magically transform through movement and imagination. 

MULTIVERSE invites us to a fantasy world of light, sounds and matters flowing, spiralling and shaping like gentle giants. As the performance unravels, the ring fills with images of planetary constellations, minerals, elemental-biological ecological beauty and devastation, life and extinction, a universe folding and unfolding in and out of itself —a hypnotic and meditative experience. Performed with care and a smile at heart, the piece is a playful, hypnotic and meditative experience accessible to all the family from 7 years old.

Marie-Andrée Robitaille is originally from Quebec, Canada. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden. With a background in contemporary dance and circus arts, she is working transdisciplinary from circus choreographic perspectives as a performer, teacher and artistic researcher. Marie-Andrée is the artistic leader at CirkusPerspektiv. 

Since 2011, CirkusPerspektiv (CP) is a Stockholm-based production company active in live arts – performing arts, more specifically, in the production of contemporary circus and hybrid works of art.  The artistic leader Marie-Andree Robitaille is a circus artist freelancing through CP as a performer, choreographer teacher, producer and artistic researcher. CP interacts with organisations and members of the circus community, with dance, theatres, fine arts venues, with educational and research institutions, and contributors from other domains. CP is driven by aspirations for equity, freedom, and democracy with a sense of responsibility for engaging with societal matters. CP is dedicated to the development of contemporary circus. 

Circus as Practices of Hope is Marie-Andree Robitaille’s doctoral project in performative and mediated practices, specializing in circus and choreography at Stockholm University of the Arts. Her research is in response to the growing complexities and radical changes emerging from the convergence of the fourth industrial revolution, the sixth mass extinction, and the eco-socio-political turmoil of our time.

August 11 (Sunday)
There will be after-talk with the artist held after the show.
  • By and with:
    Marie-Andrée Robitaille
  • Costume design:
    Lea Norrman Firus
  • Light Design Advices:
    Jonas Johansson
  • Rigging Advices:
    Saar Rombout
  • Photos:
    Darya Efrat, Einar Kling Odencrants
  • Supervision:
    Juliette Mapp, Trond Lossius
  • Artistic and Technical Producer on Tour:
    Lea Firus Normann
  • Artistic Advices:
    Annette Duchesne Robitaille, Benjamin Richter, Eduardo Cardozo, David Martin, Lea Firus Norrman, Daniel Gulko, Ivar Heckscher, Martin Sonderkamp
  • Part of the project:
    Doctoral Artistic research project “Circus as Practices of Hope”
  • Funded by:
    Stockholm University of the Arts, Stockholm City and Swedish Art Council
  • Thanks to:
    Swedish Art Grand Committee for travel support
  • Dedicated to:
    sons Eli and Camille, with Hope for the Future

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No discounts available.

  • Partly accessible for people with reduced mobility. 
  • Not accessible for people with impaired hearing.
  • The event will be photographed and filmed.