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International artists’ collective

The Sphere 2033

We, the members of The Sphere warmly welcome you to three days dedicated to playtest the new collaborative live art ecology LARP.
The Sphere x 2033 is Digital soul searching against the datafication of flesh.
We will discover together the potential of dreaming as planning, and into the body as an (an)archive.

The Sphere is an international collective of choreographers, circus artists, philosophers, mechanism designers, and dancers.
We see collaboration as a technology that reflects our mutual indebtedness as artists and lovers of life. At ConTempo Festival 2022 we use methods of LARP, dreaming, crypto, NFT’s, writing, dance and VR to induce states towards a reality yet unlived. How “The Sphere” would like to organise the future, is deeply informed by circus and a celebration of the precarity of liveness in art. The desire to change an unsustainable reality for artists in late-stage capitalism is what drove us to the ongoing path of digital soul-searching.

10 years ago, in 2022 we incubated a new infrastructure for the performing arts.
What happened in between?

Our dialogue with the local community of live artists on stage is a play, a process, a performance, a dance, a meditation, a sci-fi, a document, a cruise through liquidity pools, and a shared love affair with the commons.

Some lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided.

August 5th

13.00 Lecture of Artist Kate Genevieve on “Ficino and embodied Spheres”
13.30 The Sphere 2033 larp
14.30 Break
15:30 The Sphere 2033 larp
19:00 DJ Set by HASHIA

August 6th

12.00 “What does it mean to collect live art?” Conversation on pillows with Erik Bordeleau, Sara de Vylder, Olle Strandberg and friends
13:00 The Sphere 2033 x Systemic Constellation guided by Lene Vollhardt
14:30 Break
15:30 VR Experience & Cake
18:00 Anarchive game
18:30 Rave with HASHIA


Doors open all the time, performances at 13:00, 18:00
DJ Set by Hashia Friday at 7 pm, Saturday 6 pm
Larp In collaboration with laura fernández antolín, Kate Genevieve, HASHIA, Timur Novikov

Duration: 12 hrs