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Boris Gibé / Les Choses de Rien

Installation Tripode

Fall into the water, hold your breath, dive out, inhale, climb up and fall again…

“Installation Tripode” is one of the first performances, created by Boris Gibé, in 2005 and remounted in 2021, with acrobat Martina Monnicchi and musician JB Rubin. The performance is an ethereal show which inspires the audience to dream aquatic dreams carried by the wind. With the sea as a horizon, the acrobat floats between air and water, supported by the tunes of a saxophone player sailing the water on his boat. The main highlight of the show is a three-legged installation installed in the water, in which the acrobat M. Monnicchi, as if held by the invisible force, seeks balance, plays with weightlessness, and hangs between heaven and earth.

Since Boris Gibé created Les Choses de Rien in 2004, the company has developed a unique choreographic and artistic style applied to contemporary circus. The company’s previous creations include: “Installation Tripode” (2005); “Le Phare” (2006); “Bull” (2008); “Les Fuyantes” (2011) and others. The choreographic language of the company pushes the body to its breaking point, resulting in raw poetry in motion. B. Gibé’s research focuses on a meta perception of the world contained in closed spaces and existentialist cinematographic universes that raise questions about humanity. His works play with the audience’s visual, sensory, and emotional perceptions and offer a fresh perspective on the breakdown of points of reference.

The presentation of the performance at ConTempo Festival is supported by the French Institute, Convention Institut Français - Région Hauts de France, and French Institute in Lithuania.
Free entrance
Duration: 10 min
  • Creation
    Boris Gibé with Martina Monnicchi
  • Performer
    Martina Monnicchi
  • Saxophone
    JB Rubin